We bring significant value to sponsors and CROs by connecting you to our network of pre-qualified investigators. Additional benefits include: access to large, diverse patient populations, a single point of contact for quick and efficient study start-up and ongoing quality monitoring and process improvement of consortium members.

Clinical Trial Doctors 

Qualified Research Resources

We connect you to our network of research sites with certified investigators and staff who have over 300 years combined experience. All of our sites are pre-qualified to participate in our consortium to ensure that your research needs are satisfied.  

Puerto Rico Research Sites

Recruitment Opportunities

Our research sites have access to large, diverse patient populations, including Hispanics, willing to participate in trials. From healthy volunteers to individuals with chronic diseases, you will find a wide range of potential subjects for nearly any indication.

Advancing medicine 

One-stop Coordination

We provide you with a single point of contact for quick and efficient feasibility assistance, contract and budget negotiations, and study start-up. You will save time and money by working with us with our “one contract, one budget” approach to apply across multiple sites.

Quality Clinical Trials 

Quality Monitoring & Improvement

We continually monitor the performance of all of our research sites to ensure high standards are consistently met. In addition, we work with our research sites on continuous improvement initiatives.

US FDA Clinical Research 

Puerto Rico is Governed by the US FDA

We provide you with direct access to Puerto Rican research sites, all of which are regulated by the US FDA. Therefore, conducting a clinical trial in Puerto Rico is as easy as conducting a clinical trial in mainland US.

Experienced in clinical trial research 

Experienced Research Sites

Our research sites have capabilities across all clinical trial phases. They have combined experience in over 450 clinical trials. From academic institutions, to hospitals, to dedicated research facilities, our sites can serve your needs. 

Current Patient Population & Experience

Our network is made up of top performing research sites with access to a large patient population and extensive experience in conducting clinical trials. See below a snapshot of the key stats from our consortium, but please note that these numbers are continuing to grow as we on-board more consortium members. 

40,000 patients in PRCCI database; 301 Years of Clinical Trials; 300 previously conducted clinical trials; phase 1 clinical trials; phase 2 clinical trials; phase 3 clinical trials; phase 4 clinical trials 

Areas of Expertise

The sites in the PRCCI network have vast experience working with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), government agencies and academic institutions in a wide and diverse range of therapeutic areas. Therapeutic areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

Oncology & Immunomodulators


Infectious Disease