PRCCI has been established for you, our research sites. We are a not-for-profit organization created to enhance the quality, speed and volume of research in Puerto Rico.  We work on your behalf to identify and secure research opportunities, conduct contract and budget negotiations provide training and process improvement assistance, access to a CTMS system, and more. 

We also facilitate knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. We organize frequent panel sessions to allow for member research sites to meet and discuss current events in the industry, provide feedback on how we are performing, and seek joint solutions.

Working with us, your research will be more efficient allowing your team time to focus on clinical research and your patients.

services for Research sites

Marketing: Our focus is to attract sponsors, CROs and other stakeholders to drive clinical trial activity in Puerto Rico.


Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS):  We provide each network site with a CTMS system for their use on all clinical trials at the site, not just those provided by PRCCI.


Study Feasibility: We assist study feasibility by ensuring all relevant documents are completed in a timely manner, proactively prompt our network sites for consideration.


Contract and Budget Negotiations: Our research sites have visibility into contract and budget negotiations which are performed by highly trained individuals. You have final approval of the contract and budget— our focus is on your success so we never require you to accept a budget that does not meet your needs.


Accounts Receivables: We manage the invoicing and accounts receivable to maximize the value of your contract.



Annual Quality Discussions: We deploy quality management experts to monitor your site annually to help you achieve the highest quality standards for your studies.


National Patient Registry: We are working collaboratively with the Puerto Rican Department of Health to build a national database to support trial feasibility assessments.


Research Site on-boarding:  We invest in you by providing you tools you need to conduct efficient clinical trials.


Patient Recruitment Database: In support of our mission to inform and educate the public about clinical trials, we are developing a research resource to promote trial awareness and facilitate patient enrollment in studies. 


Resource Sharing: We facilitate resource sharing amongst our sites for key resources such as finance, regulatory, investigators and administrators.


Best Practice Sharing: We facilitate knowledge sharing to develop best practices in areas such as operating procedures, patient recruitment and study start up activities.


Training: We provide many training opportunities in areas such as GCPs to promote consistent quality across our sites.


On-going Quality and Performance Management: We provide you with key performance indicators to proactively track performance and address trends before they become a problem.