Established in April 2016, PRCCI is a not-for-profit cooperative of top academic and private research sites. We enhance clinical research speed and quality by driving performance and efficiencies across our sites, leveraging strategic partnerships, and establishing world-class capabilities.

Our world-class research sites are our key assets and they are investing in this not-for-profit initiative for sustainable and tangible benefits for their businesses and the greater Puerto Rican economy.

PRCCI is unique. As a not-for-profit, we have the interest of the wider Puerto Rican population and our research sites at heart. By understanding the sponsor's needs, requirements and preferences along with a hands-on relationship with research sites, we will make for a successful initiative. 

PRCCI was developed by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT), whose overall strategy is to transform Puerto Rico into a knowledge driven economy. 

Puerto Rico Clinical Research 



To promote and enhance clinical research and development for the benefit of patients, the Puerto Rican economy and global scientific innovation.



Clinical Research in Puerto Rico 


To improve the impact, quality, and speed of clinical research in Puerto Rico through:

•Building a collaborative network of investigators
•Establishing best practices for the conduct of clinical trials
•Educating sponsors and researchers

Research sites

We work with research sites across the entire island of Puerto Rico, ensuring access to a diverse patient population. 

Clinical Research Sites in Puerto Rico