GCM Medical Group

GCM Medical Group aims to provide the most up to date healthcare to their patients and loved ones, while always keeping in mind the social, occupational and personal environment. Their main priority is prevention of illness through patient education on disease prevention and control. Currently, their research capabilities are in Rheumatology (adults and pediatric), Dermatology, Neurology and Endocrinology clinical trails. GCM has been part of the clinical trial community for over 20 years with a robust patient database and programs designed to break down barriers in clinical trial participation, such as free transportation services.


Fundación de Investigación (FDI)

Fundación de Investigación (FDI) is a first rate research site. Through their state-of-the-art facilities and medical care clinics, FDI affords clinical trial access to a diverse and active patient population by providing services such as transportation. They have a robust database of volunteers, across a variety of therapeutic areas supporting their capability to conduct clinical trials at all stages of drug development, including First-in Patient, Proof of Concept (POC), and Phase I through Phase IV studies.


Grupo Dermatológico de Carolina

Grupo Dermatológico de Carolina specializes in Dermatological patient care. With highly specialized and experienced medical staff and more than a decade of experience with clinical trials, they leverage a large and reliable patient database for clinical research. They have also developed relationships with cardiology and mental health professionals to ensure the highest level of safety for their clinical trial subjects. Grupo Dermatológico prides itself for having strong recruitment strategies, high retention rates, and a rigor for excellence and quality.


PR Renal Health and Research, Inc.

The PR Renal Health Research Division contributes to the discovery of new treatment options for people with chronic kidney disease. Currently, their efforts and focus are in attracting a larger number of research protocols in areas of Clinical Epidemiology, Drug Testing, Process Assessment, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Pharmacogenomics and the Economics of Health to increase the benefits of research. They have a vast reach on the island with 8 locations and employ innovative ways to advertise and reach the broader population in Puerto Rico.


INSPIRA Clinical Research

INSPIRA is the leading local mental and behavioral health services company in Puerto Rico.  Since 2001, they have partnered with world-class pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials for psychotropic medications. In this manner, they accelerate the drug-development process while reducing costs, ensuring safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. They have a very favorable community profile and a full-time, very accessible PI dedicated only to clinical trials. Uncompromising commitment to ethical research is their most important asset.


Altamira Family Medicine and Research Institute (AFMRI)

The Altamira Family Medicine and Research Institute has been active in clinical trails research since 1995. They have recruited more than 1,100 patients into various studies for the management of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, alternative medicine and cancer prevention. Not only that, but they also have a great interest in Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental health disorders.  All the staff have Human Participant Protection, Education for Research Teams, HAZMAT training and certification, with a decade of experience conducting clinical trials. They have a commitment to leveraging relationships with other like-minded researchers and physicians, both on the island and globally, with the goal of improving the clinical trial landscape to serve the population of Puerto Rico.


Hospitales HIMA San Pablo

Hospitales HIMA San Pablo has created a thoroughly advanced model built expressly for the traveling patient. They have dedicated themselves to procuring the most modern diagnostic, surgical and treatment methodologies and equipment, with hospitals and facilities all over the island. HIMA has joined forces with PRCCI to match these world-class facilities and experienced investigators with supportive resources and aid. They have actively participated in various research initiatives in Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Kidney Disease, and more.


Grupo Pediátrico de Caguas

Grupo Pediátrico de Caguas' main goal is for the children of Puerto Rico to grow up into healthy adults. They believe in that the prevention of illness and being prepared is the key for avoiding diseases and living healthy. They offer all kinds of treatments, but where they stand out the most is in the area of vaccines. Grupo Pediátrico de Caguas wishes to aid parents by creating and providing them with a set of guidelines that will benefit the development of their children and loved ones.


Miguel Sosa-Padilla M.D., Private Practice

MSP Pic.png

Miguel Sosa-Padilla M.D., Private Practice has almost two decades of experience conducting clinical trials on the island. Its coordinators, Irma Sotomayor and Mayra Ayala have 19 and 14 years of experience, respectively. They are succinctly organized, they have streamlined operations, and their whole staff is very experienced and has been serving clinical trial sponsors well since 1997. They are experienced with vaccine, cardiovascular, and endocrinology studies. They have a reputation as top enrollers, leveraging both their internal database and external recruitment activities such as community engagement, health fairs, comprehensive advertising, and have a strong referral network.


American Telemedicine Center Corp.

ATC is a leading center in clinical investigation, considered as a portfolio site for many pharmaceuticals. ATC is constantly recruiting patients for clinical trials in Puerto Rico.
They serve as a site for Rotating Residents and Fellows in Endocrinology from the San Juan City Hospital. These doctors, acquire knowledge, experience and proficiency in the area of outpatient clinical research, telemedicine and use of a web based electronic health record, which will provide added value to their future practices. Other services include patient education through video conferencing, video conferencing room rentals, online meetings, weight reduction clinics, and Pharmanex representation and other client services.


Instituto SanaCoop

SanaCoop is interested in establishing a Research Site as a partaker of the Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI). Besides participating in clinical studies with PRCCI, SanaCoop is determined to develop studies in order to enhance the quality of medical services and clinical practices. They have a faculty that focuses in primary services or subspecialized to more than 50,000 patients with diverse medical conditions, in which they promote the importance of participating in clinical studies. They provide a CDT, licensed by the Health Department where they provide preventive and therapeutic services throughout the whole year. The services include: emergency room, clinical laboratory, imaging center, pharmacy, dental unit, optic, health education, nutrition counseling and medical clinical services, among others.    


Ponce School of Medicine

Ponce School of Medicine conducts clinical trials through the CAIMED Center. At the CAIMED Center, the mission is to make a difference by solving health disparities through groundbreaking, innovative and relevant research that has a global impact in health care.


Emanuelli Research and Development Center, LLC

The Emanuelli Research and Development Center (ERD) specializes in ophthalmic conditions such as Diabetic Eye Disease (Diabetic Retinopathy), Macular Degeneration, and Retinal Detachment. ERD’s dedicated staff have the capabilities to conduct clinical trials with various protocols but always with the main goal to evaluate the effectiveness of new ophthalmic products, procedures, or treatments and making them accessible in order to positively impact the healthcare of our population. Hoping to continue collaborating towards the bright future of the medical science field, ERD has a strong commitment in increasing the research development in Puerto Rico.


                                      Medical Sciences Campus, UPR


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